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  • Girls First Kit OG

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    Periods are not fun for anyone. And it can be especially overwhelming for our tween girls who are trying to prepare for it. As parents, we want to set them up for success in any unknown situations.

    Girls First Kit is made by parents, specifically for tweens. It makes a great gift for them to learn more about the subject, get prepared for it and have the necessities with them to feel secure when the time comes.

    Let's help them celebrate their milestones by empowering them.

    This all-in-one kit comes in a box with: 

    A beautiful and discreet pouch containing: 

    (3) organic pads

    (2) organic tampons

    (3) organic liners

    (3) PH balanced - flushable wipes 

    (1) disposable heating pad

    A set of illustrated cards to help educate girls about periods inside and out. 

    A super cozy microwavable heating cloud pad for extra crampy days. 

    And an extra insert packet with all the necessities to refill the pouch.

    Domestic shipping is included.


    We only curate from reliable sources to ensure all the ingredients are as natural and/or organic as possible. Please visit the item links if you want to learn more about the descriptions/ingredients of the detailed item descriptions/ingredients: pads, tampons, liners, wipes.

    Girls First Kit